To increase engagement, optimising your funnel means mapping out your customer's cognitive progression, as opposed to the literal path they take through your digital marketing.

Raj Digital answers these questions:


Which fields cause my visitors to abandon?

We identify the problem areas on your Conversion Funnel that are causing visitors to drop out and never come back.


How do visitors flow through the Conversion Funnel ?

We show you if your Conversion Funnel users follow the path you expect or do something unforeseen. See what they do when something goes wrong, revealing the points of friction in your Conversion Funnel.


What error messages are being shown, and how often?

We can tell you which error messages are triggering on your Conversion Funnel, helping you understand where your visitors are struggling.

Works out of the box with most web forms



We can help you design super-easy to use web form - no need to tag each page (like you have to with Google Analytics), just install one tag (With Tag Manager) and you're ready to go.

Improve conversion rates and UX 


We will help you create a dashboard that provides a quantitative source of data that will supercharge your conversion rate improvement. 


Conduct more effective A/B tests


We will provide better testing hypotheses by providing you with field-level customer insight.



Fill the gap in your analytics stack


For too long you've not known exactly why your website/form journey does not convert. Now, you can truly understand how your website/form is performing, and measure it over time.

Raj Digital can also tell you:


What fields do visitors return to most?

Which field takes the most time to complete?

How does visitor behaviour vary by device?

Is my Conversion Funnel broken? When did it happen?

Where do most people abandon our Conversion Funnel?

Which fields are the most problematic for our visitors?